Soap Skin & Bubble

Soap Skin & Bubble Soap Skin & Bubble plugin

Plugin Author: Josef L
Categories: 3D Printing, Animation, Drawing
Availability: Time limited.
Instructions for Downloading and Installing
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How to Use “Soap Skin & Bubble” skin

This plugin allows you to make smooth & flexible geometry just in few seconds.
Create a one closed edge loop select the loop and click on Skin (generate soap skin) button.
Input the numbers of net division as you need and then hit Enter key. Plugin will create a mash using the edge loop. You can also increase or decrease pressure using Bub button in Soap & Bubble toolbar.

How to increase or decrease pressure. Soap bubble plugin

First of all you need to select the group which was generated by Soap & Bubble tool and then click on Bub (Generate soap bubble) button.
Now you can increase or decrease pressure by putting negative or positive value in measurements box.

X/Y (Edit soap skin ratio) X_Y

This Options allows you to maintain the bubble ratio on X or Y axes.

Play & stop buttons

Play & stop buttons allow you to play or stop animations of this plugin

Help Button Help

If you need more help click on help button

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