Tgi3D plugin for sketchup

Tgi3D plugin Untitled

Plugin by: OCALI Inc.
Categories: Drawing
Availability: Trial (Training Edition).
Instructions for Downloading and Installing
Click here to Download This Plugin.
Watch complete Installing instructions click here
Tgi3D Select Tool Select_tool

Tgi3d Select tool provides additional selection capabilities for mesh based operations. Using this tool you can easily select multiples Edges and face more easily and & quickly.
-Selection capabilities
►Hover selection
►Edges Loops selection
►Face Bounded selection
►Curves selection
For more details watch the video.

Tgi3D Move Tool Move_tool

Tgi3D Move tool allows you to move vertices on current camera view plane. Just like 3ds Max & blander etc. This is very useful for complex and organic modeling in sketchup
You can also lock movement for specific camera view or Photomatch. Right click on selection & click on “lock selection”.
Using Tgi3D Move Tool you convert Simple line into a Bezier curve. You can also modify curve using this tool any time.
(Press and hold Ctrl key and click or drag the left mouse button anywhere on the line to in to a Bezier curve)

Construction Point Tool Guide_Point

This is simple tool for creating guide points for guidance.

Cross Section Tool Cross Section Tool

Cross Section Tool for editing edge loops (Cross Section). Using this tool you can add edge loop and modify edge loops some different ways.
Click and hold left mouse button on the highlighted edge drag left or right for expanded or shrined loop.
Cross Section Tool capabilities
Double click for insert edge loop.
left Click + Ctrl for move loop on current camera view plane
Shift for move the loop on blue axes (up & down)
Ctrl + Shift for move edge loop freely.

Set World Coordinates Tool Axes

Using “Set World Coordinates Tool” you can change the world Axes.
This is powerful more than sketchup Axes tool.

Warper Tool Warper Tool

This is very powerful tool way deform group or component in sketchup.
Select the group or component and click on “Warper Tool” in Tgi3d
Toolbar click on warper options and hit ok
Now you can see black outline outside of object go into edges group start modify using Tgi3d move tool for more details watch the video

Channel Extrude Tool Channel Extrude Tool

Using “Channel Extrude Tool” you can extrude lines along path.
But this is totally different from Follow me
Watch difference here.

Image based surface modeler Untitled1

when you click on this Untitled1 little  camera button one another toolkit bring up called “Image based surface modeler” click Here how to use Image based surface modeler tool.

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